Suffolk based semi-professional photographer

I heard this quote about me - just love it:
“I could never book a model judging by Jon Downs' pictures. I can't tell who the f*ck it is. It could be someone with a wooden leg and you'd never know”
Anon (Photographer)

Welcome to my photography website! My name is Jon Downs, and I am a photographer specialising in portrait, abstract, street, and landscape photography.  I am continually inspired by the beauty and creativity of photography.

I used to work as a professional photographer, but now I only work semi-professionally. However, my love for photography has not waned, and I continue to offer my services to clients who appreciate my artistry and creativity. Although I limit my portfolio build work for photographers and models, I can be lured out of semi-retirement for the right project.

In addition to my photography work, I run occasional workshops and 1-2-1 tutorial sessions for photographers interested in working with models. My emphasis is always on creativity and finding unique ways to capture the beauty of my subjects. I also provide online tuition on post-processing and creative editing techniques, sharing my knowledge and experience with others who share my passion for photography.

I believe that photography is more than just capturing an image. It's about telling a story, evoking emotions, and creating art. My style of photography reflects this belief, and I strive to capture images that are both tasteful and artistic. I experiment with different techniques and styles to create images that are unique and visually striking.

Whether I am capturing the essence of a person in a portrait, exploring the abstract patterns of light and shadow, documenting the energy of the street, or capturing the natural beauty of a landscape, my goal is always to create an image that tells a story and evokes an emotional response.

Thank you for taking the time to visit my website. I hope that my passion for photography shines through in my work, and that you find inspiration and joy in the images I create. If you are interested in working with me or have any questions, please don't hesitate to get in touch!

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